Testing logcheck rules…

17 Mar

I keep on forgetting how to do this, so that’s simply a short reminder. Running this command will show the MATCHING lines for the rules in the given rule-file: RULES=“ntp-local” LOGF=”/tmp/syslog_logcheck_testfile” sudo -u logcheck logcheck-test —rule-file $RULES —log-file $LOGF

VirtualBox as a service on windows

16 Feb

http://vboxvmservice.sourceforge.net/ DON’T run the service using the Administrator account! Steps required to run it as a “regular” user: Start “secpol.msc” as Administrator Select the “Local Policies” folder Select the “User Rights Assignment” folder Double click “Log on as a service” … Read More »

migrate from SVN to GIT

3 May

a short cheat sheet of commands I used several times to migrate SVN-repositories to GIT… preparation sudo aptitude install subversion git-svn svn co https://my.server.private/repos/my_repo cd my_repo svn log q | grep v ‘^*$’ | cut -d ‘|’ -f 2 | … Read More »

Monitoring MySQL queries

12 May

Monitor All SQL Queries in MySQL is a very nice (though short) posting about how to debug and monitor what’s going on inside your DBMS. There’s supposed to exist a similar tool for MSSQL called “Profiler”.