Oh, Ubuntu…! Upgrading to 17.04

17 Aug

After upgrading from 15.10 to 17.04 (via 16.04), the NetworkManager refused to control the wired ethernet device, listing it in its menu as device not managed. Turns out after some googling that the package’s configuration was changed in 16.10 to … Read More »

Avoiding Cisco’s extremely annoying VPN client on Linux.

19 Apr

This is how to set up vpnc using NetworkManager to replace the messy Cisco VPN client to connect to the University of Basel: Gateway: vpn.mobile.unibas.ch User name: your full email address Group name: UniBasel-Intern Group password: B82FD7FF53F21B38104EE3BD0A4474BB6A907524EE8D2D6848512BDD966911506C572EC571C246C960094BC42BE80ED9695A7BB121E96166 Advanced Options: leave … Read More »