textpattern is dead. dead, dead, dead.

4 Dec

In the progress of migrating to a different server, I decided to upgrade my textpattern-installation. So I used the current release 4.2.0, basic installation was quite easy as expected. Next, I tried once again to install a theme since textpattern looks awful by default… Since the official theme-site lists an updated version of my old theme “Gentle Calm” this was the choice to go for – and this is where once again the pain starts.

Documentation talks about sth. like “easy and quick” installation procedure. Followed by dozen steps that include uploading and naming images, adjusting CSS by hand, editing existing templates and so on. What a PITA!!! Just to discover in the end that AGAIN half of the basic stuff like archives, RSS and so on is not working. And even more, none of the recommended plugins is available anywhere on the textpattern web-resources. Nothing but dead links.

Being disappointed once again this hard, I decided to test a different blogging-software. After a close look at HelixBlog (guess why…) which looks really interesting, I decided anyhow to give WordPress a chance.

And that’s where the nice part of the story begins. Basic installation was quite the same, but what a difference with what you are greeted after that: a nice admin-panel, many details but very well-organized. One-Click-Installation of new themes (or one-tar-installation, depending on your preferences). And the most shocking: an import-tool to migrate from textpattern to WordPress.

After all, the whole procedure of installing WP, a convenient theme and importing all information from textpattern took less time than going halfway through the theme-installation with TXP.

textpattern is dead. really.

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