Post-BIOS era: EFI arrives on (non-Apple) Notebooks like Sony’s VAIO

23 Oct

Today I had a brand-new Sony VAIO VGN-Z41WD on my desk and was asked to set it up with Win7. After creating recovery DVDs with the installed Vista, I tried to enter the BIOS – and failed. This machine is not equipped with ston-aged 8-bit BIOS code but finally manufacturers seem to make the move towards EFI.

Well, F2 is the key to press when the InsydeH2O-logo appears on the boot screen. Pressing other keys along with it seems to confuse the machine (and makes it ignore all of them, which is why I probably failed to enter the EFI-setup at first).

Unfortunately, the Insyde locks out the user from most options available in a classic BIOS setup. Currently it seems like this restriction can be removed, for more information see those blog entries: