postprocessing of digicam-videos

4 Feb

my panasonic dmc-fx10 produces videos in apple’s quicktime-format (.MOV), which are quite huge so i’d like to recompress the files on my desktop, preferrably without losing (too much) of the alread not-so-good quality…

for tasks like this, i prefer using avidemux, since i don’t have to bother with all the possible (and impossible!) combinations of mencoder’s commandline options… unfortunately, avidemux can’t read the files produced by the cam directly, it quits with an /assertion error/

thus, the files need to be converted first. to do this, i use the above mentioned without the huge bunch of options:

mencoder $file -oac pcm -ovc raw -o ${file/MOV/RAW}

now avidemux can work on the raw video-files and produce much smaller files than the cam directly (oh wonder…)

some experimenting show the following settings lead to satisfying results:

VIDEO: MPEG-4 AVC (x264)
Encoding Mode: Two Pass - Average Bitrate
Average bitrate (kb/s): 1800

yes, i know… one could simply look up the parameters for mencoder and do the whole stuff in one step… maybe later 😉

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