routable Garmin-maps from OSM-data under Linux

20 Feb

mkgmap-svn can now create routable garmin-maps…

EDIT 2009-02-20: see mkgmap devel mailinglist for problems with umlauts and routing-maps

1: get OSM mapdata

extracts from the OSM databases split up by regions can be downloaded from GEOFABRIK

2: convert OSM data into polish format

unfortunately, most of the time you will have to split up your OSM-data, since there is a size-limit for single tiles (fixme: what’s the limit?). this can be done in 2 ways, either using ‘osmcut’ or via ‘osmosis’.

2.1: split the data with osmcut

note: breaks ways accross tile-borders and thus breaks routing at these points

2.2: split the data with osmosis

get osmosis from svn, see the osm wiki

example: to split the mapfile from baden-wuerttemberg into 4 pieces along lat=49 and lon=9 use this command

osmosis \
    —read-xml enableDateParsing=no baden-wuerttemberg.osm —tee 4 \
    —bounding-box left=9 top=49 —write-xml bw-se.osm \
    —bounding-box left=9 bottom=49 —write-xml bw-ne.osm \
    —bounding-box right=9 top=49 —write-xml bw-sw.osm \
    —bounding-box right=9 bottom=49 —write-xml bw-nw.osm

there are some more examples on the wiki…

2.3: convert the tiles

use osm2mp to convert the data from OSM-XML into polish format

optional: combine Garmin-Topomap with OSM-maps

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