FHZ1000 @ OpenWRT / wl500gP

24 Oct

very basic instructions, still incomplete

for additional resources, see FHZ 1000 for Linux


install the required kernel-modules on your openwrt:

ipkg install kmod-usb-serial
ipkg install kmod-usb-serial-ftdi
insmod usbserial vendor=0x403 product=0xf06f debug=0
insmod ftdi_sio vendor=0x403 product=0xf06f debug=0

NOTE: you have to re-plug the FHZ module after loading the kernel modules!


requires perl, so we need a perl-installation on openwrt. in your buildroot-environment, call

make menuconfig

select “Languages” —> “Perl” and select these packages to be built as modules:

perl perlbase-autoloader perlbase-config perlbase-cpan perlbase-dynaloader
perlbase-errno perlbase-essential perlbase-fcntl perlbase-file perlbase-io
perlbase-posix perlbase-selectsaver perlbase-socket perlbase-symbol
perlbase-term perlbase-tie perlbase-time perlbase-xsloader

build the packages


after installing at least the perl and perlbase-time packages, you can use a simple perlscript to talk to the FHZ (for protocol details, see FHZ1000 Protocol ): just download and execute fhztest.pl for a simple handshake-test. note: the script requires stty, so maybe you have to recompile your busybox-binary since the default one (from kamikaze 7.09) doesn’t include it…

as an alternative, you can continue by compiling the perl-module Device-SerialPort which is also required by FHEM . simply create feeds/packages/lang/perl-device-serialport in your buildroot-environment, download the provided Makefile and place it in the created directory. next, you have to create a symlink from package/feeds/packages/ that points to the above directory and update your configuration via

make menuconfig

there should be a new additional entry in “Languages” —> “Perl” called “perl-device-serialport” that has to be selected. save, exit and issue

make package/feeds/packages/perl-compile

after compilation, there should be a new ipkg-package in bin/packages/mipsel/ that has to be installed on your openwrt. doing so, you can use fhztest-serialport.pl to test the communication. calling the script should produce some output like this:

root@OpenWrt:/opt/tools/fhz# perl fhztest-serialport.pl 
Saying hello...
Sending: 8106c98202011f60 -- Result: 8
Got:     810bc97601021f0278071c3780 [0]
Sending: 8105044fc90185 -- Result: 7
Got:     8107c9b3010285012a [1]

to diagnose problems, look at the logfiles, try to un- and reload the kernel modules (don’t forget to un- and replug the FHZ after that!), …