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Tivoli Storage Manager and passwords

ever wondered where TSM stores its passwords? Documentation and lots of websites are talking about the file TSM.PWD, but where is it?

Voilà: /etc/adsm/TSM.PWD

Lightning and CommuniGate

…still has some problems using the CalDAV interface, see the communigate mailing list, while it works great with the latest DAViCal.

Lightning/Thunderbird also has issues with self-signed SSL-certificates, see Mozilla Bug #523555.

NFS on a symbian-phone?

configuring TSM and testing the config is a real PITA…

just to remember how to test if a certain directory and its files are included in the backup using the TSM commandline interface:

./dsmc preview backup -console /path/to/dir/

delete one or more files from your backup (NOTE: the quotes in the second command are important, otherwise bash will expand the pattern and produce a list of files, which will confuse the TSM-client):

./dsmc delete backup /backups/mysql/mysqldump-complete-2010-01-20-1823.sql.gz
./dsmc delete backup '/backups/mysql/*.gz'

create deb-packages from perl-modules

MySQL backup user

to create a user for doing automated backups of a MySQL installation that doesn’t have more than the necessary privileges, use the following statement:

GRANT RELOAD, SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO 'backup'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'some_reasonable_password';

clean up frozen mails in exim queue

for mail in $(sudo mailq | grep frozen | cut -c 11-26) ; do
    sudo exim4 -Mrm $mail

extend or adjust the grep-pattern as required by your situation…

git and svn

by far the best article I’ve read for somebody used to subversion (and tied to an SVN-repo) who wants to use git locally:

Git-SVN: Whys And Hows


building arm-binaries on debian/ubuntu with qemu-chroot

required packages: qemu-arm-static
see: binfmt

sudo debootstrap --foreign --verbose \
    --variant=buildd --arch arm \
    lenny `pwd`/lenny_arm \

Apache and WebDAV properties (mod_dav)

Ever got messages like this in your Apache logfiles, wondering why setting properties via a client on your (otherwise working) WebDAV is failing?

Could not open the property database.  [500, #205]
(2)No such file or directory: Could not open property database.  [500, #1]
(2)No such file or directory: Attempted to set/remove a property without a valid, open, read/write property database.  [500, #202]

Well, simply add a directory called “.DAV“ (note the leading dot!) to your WebDAV base-directory, that is writeable to the webserver. That’s where the corresponding information will be stored by Apache. Note that this is “somehow” mentioned by the mod_dav documentation at, but not by Apache’s documentation itself. Yes, that’s bad and pretty annoying.